From 21st century coaching expert and leadership consultant Rod Olson…

The Secret Wisdom Lunch Warrior Process That Creates Mature Leaders & Elite Teams

“This book is a must read for anyone who has a desire to grow leaders in today’s world or has a hunger to be the best they can be personally, professionally and spiritually.”

–Mark Schlereth, ESPN Analyst, 3-Time Super Bowl Champion

Dear Leader or Coach,

Do you know that the rules are different today for the 21st century leader?

In the Wisdom Warrior Lunch book I outline a powerful model and actionable steps (based on my work with elite trainers and coaches) that can be used to develop mature leaders who know how to coach and motivate in today's world.

Written in easy-to-read and concise “leadership fable” format, the story makes the action steps easy to remember and implement.

You’ll meet David, a young aspiring CEO forced by his mentor to undergo a series of “wisdom lunches”, each one reflecting one of the five marks of mature leaders.

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Through David’s personal journey, here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn:
  • The #1 thing great leaders do that average leaders don’t (Make this a foundation of your organization’s culture and watch how it empowers your people to accomplish more in less time.) [Chapter 6]
  • The 3 “zones” (used by the world’s top mental toughness trainer to prepare Olympic athletes and Special Forces operatives to handle pressure situations) that let you press the “reset button” and stay at the peak of your focus no matter what happens… This is no joke. Learning this can be a giant leap forward in personal growth for any leader! [Chapter 7]
  • 2 highly-dangerous traits that cause leaders to fail in spectacular fashion… and the two-step wisdom that will help you prevent it [Chapter 6]
  • The negative pattern we all get into that sabotages your potential and the potential of those around you [Chapter 10]
  • 2 tools you use every single day (takes less than ten minutes) to build the right mentality for the kind of mature leadership that takes teams and companies to dizzying heights [Chapter 6]
  • What recent research has revealed about the effect of the spiritual for mental, physical and social-emotional health that has startling implications for any leader [Chapter 7]
  • The one thing every leader MUST control if you want to take the next step in your career
  • What a Navy SEALS instructor said about the two most important qualities for a coach that will surprise you (and the sobering fact about WHY they’re the two most important) [Chapter 8]
  • A common habit (we all do it) that involuntarily sends a hidden or not-so-hidden signal to the people around you that they’re not important [Chapter 8]
  • [Chapter 7] The simple trick (inspired by a Navy Admiral) that…

Literally Forces You To Be A More Effective Leader!

This really is true.

If I had to distill the entire leadership philosophy in this book to one single point, it would be this one.  And it’s the one that most readily gets lost in today’s world with the accelerating pace of life and all the technology at our fingertips.  If you long for a simpler approach to communicating and connecting with everyone around you, you’ll want to read Chapter 7 over several times.

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Here are a few more gems you’ll find inside The Wisdom Lunch Warrior book:

  • The #1 worst emotion that will stunt your personal growth more than anything on the planet and destroy your ability to maximize your potential (You’ll want to be ruthless in purging this success killer from your life, starting today.) [Chapter 10]
  • The self-mastery secret (exemplified by one of the greatest Kung Fu masters of all time) that lets the mature leader quickly adapt to unexpected changes and continually improve your organization’s success [Chapter 6]
  • What research has shown makes 89% of a team’s, a company’s or a family’s culture and how to weave it into your company’s story so it sticks [Chapter 11]
  • The four things we think and feel that cause us to build walls and risk isolating ourselves from family members, friends, and the people around us [Chapter 10]
  • The mentality mature leaders operate with that allows them to dictate their path and overcome whatever life throws at you [Chapter 10]
  • The P.R.O. acronym that turns every person on your team into your MVP [Chapter 11]
  • Why ego, ambition and hard work will only get you so far (and why, unless you understand this simple truth at some point, you’ll hit a wall and you won’t know how to get beyond it...) [Chapter 5]
  • Why the #1 thing most companies strive for is false…and the one true goal that creates winners
  • The wisdom creed you should have on your desk (or as a screen saver) that will help you tap into the great leader within [Chapter 12]
  • How to optimize your performance as an athlete or a leader [Chapter 7]… the “battle buddies” technique of staying on track with your personal growth [Chapter 8]… the warrior-like mentality that breeds gifted leaders [Chapter 5]… the surprising truth about what today’s youth needs more than anything [Chapter 11]… the “sniper focus” trick for being an exceptional leader [Chapter 8]… the #1 killer of leaders today [Chapter 11]… a flexible yet systematic approach to sustainable success [Chapter 12]… the Mt. Rushmore concept that will help make you the person you’re supposed to be [Chapter 11]… and more!
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