For the 21st Century Coach, Parent, or Leader…
5 Rules Every Leader Must Live By If They Want To Motivate, Inspire, & Leave A Lasting Impact On The People Around Them
In this inspiring new book by leading author Rod Olson, discover a simple yet effective “playbook” for becoming a true Legacy Builder!

Dear Parent, Coach, or Leader,

Do you know that the traditional ways of coaching and leading are outdated for the 21st century?

Rod Olson’s book The Legacy Builder: 5 Foundational Principles That Work In Sports, Work, and Life is an inspiring and easy-to-read “business fable” that shows you a road map to not only motivate, but make an impact on people with strategies that apply in today’s world.

It’s concise, simple and to-the-point...  (You can read it in a single sitting and begin right away to transform your relationships, build an elite team or organization, and recharge your own soul.)

In the first chapter we find that “CEO Lance” is a man who feels trapped in a busy career and who has neglected his family and his relationships with the people around him.  Through his encounters with five different coaches (one for each principle), Lance discovers his path back to fulfillment, joy and purpose.

More than just a tool, the book is a timeless reminder of what really matters.

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Here’s just a small sample of the secrets waiting inside:
  • The 5 non-negotiable principles of high-performing (and perhaps most importantly, highly-formative) sports programs…and how to use them to impact all areas of both your personal and professional life [Chapter 3]
  • A common mistake you may be making right now that is keeping people around you from reaching their potential (This simple shift contradicts almost everything you’ve been taught about management… but if you use it with sincerity it can immediately transform the results you get from your team!) [Chapter 7]
  • What – according to research – 90% of motivation today is based on…and why it’s 100% within your control!
  • The weird but effective “baseball” trick that forces you to reach your greatest potential in two simple steps [Chapter 5]
  • A single “transformational” word to use whenever giving feedback (Use this word instead of its common alternative to “open up” your listener and get them eager to receive what you have to say...) [Chapter 9]
  • The key to keeping your saw sharp so you’re always “on”…and why it’s more straightforward than you think (In fact, you most likely are doing these little things for others but sometimes forget to do them for yourself… Do this consistently and watch as even the darkest rain clouds lift almost right away!) [Chapter 5]
  • One goal almost every high-achiever focuses on that should never be a priority if your goal is to be an effective leader [Chapter 5]
  • How not to ask questions…unless you want your family members, players, or employees to withhold things from you [Chapter 5]
  • A simple method (borrowed from both martial arts and music instruction) for how to achieve clarity in your vision and your process [Chapter 7]
  • Three attributes all team members must have (found in the success philosophies of legendary teachers like Earl Nightingale and Jim Rohn) to create the kind of trust, inter-dependence and personal responsibility in your organization that lets you “move mountains”! [Chapter 7]
  • If you want individuals on your team to “drink the Kool-Aid” so they’re always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty, then Chapter 7 will show you…
How To Gain Trust In A Mistrustful World!

This is important.

The time of blind obedience is over.  In the 21st century, athletes, children, and employees don’t trust without reason.  Chapter 7 explores the reasons for this and gives you five easy-to-implement, quick-acting strategies to build trust every time.

(NOTE: These strategies are powerful and based on human psychology.  That’s why you must always and only use them from a sincere place of wanting the best for the people around you.)

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Here are a few more secrets you’ll discover when you read The Legacy Builder:

  • Why legendary coach John Wooden said what separates great coaches from average coaches is that they “don’t think they know it all” (and a simple story that will help you remember not to fall into that trap) [Chapter 7]
  • Why everyone eventually hits a wall (It happens when you’re overworked, make a wrong choice, find yourself under too much pressure) and 5 quick-start steps to almost instantly bring back your zest for living and the drive to lead and inspire the people around you
  • The productivity secret (first taught by the great Earl Nightingale) of two things to write down every day to quickly reach your biggest personal and professional objectives [Chapter 5]
  • Where 99% of your organization’s problems come from and how to remedy this in two simple steps…without needing a single conversation!
  • Why today’s coaches must be “three-dimensional” to inspire their players to persist and pursue when they want to quit [Chapter 8]
  • One thing you must do (simple, and takes only a bit of thought) at least five times a day to become not only a legacy builder, but a builder of people
  • How to control the pace of life and work and not let it control you (When I consult with college coaches that run smaller, lesser-known programs, this one lesson feels like getting an upgrade to the kind of resources and support only higher-tier coaches would normally enjoy.)
  • The simple 5-letter acronym that – if you use it – will make you a more effective communicator and enrich all of your working and personal relationships
  • A two-question test (takes only five minutes) for how to find your leadership role model that will become your instant and easy reference for how to act and what to say in most situations [Chapter 11]
  • Your 5 Non-Negotiables Checklist (Think of this as your “easy button” for making people decisions…one glance at this brief, point-form list and you’ll never be in doubt even for a second about what to do or say to motivate, inspire, lead, or connect)
  • The “curse” of talent; why a lot of talented students never reach their full potential (and what to do about it) to decide what kind of leader you want to be [Chapter 3]… the #1 mistake coaches make that keeps them stuck at their current level of success [Chapter 7]… how to use moments of “crisis” to succeed even faster…what great coaches and athletes understand that average coaches don’t… the only two things you should ever focus on to create better relationships at home and at work [Chapter 7]… three things all great leaders do when they make a mistake… the secret to giving criticism in a way that your players, kids, or employees won’t resent you [Chapter 8]… the simple “pyramid test” that lets you know if you’re on track to building your legacy or not [Chapter 7]… and more!
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