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Learn The Art and Science of Leading Your People
Through the story of “CEO Peter” and his chance encounter with “Coach O”, this charming business fable serves as the backdrop for the #1 most valuable leadership lesson Rod Olson has ever shared…

Dear Business Leader or Coach,

If you’d like to learn how to engage your employees or players, make them feel valued, and truly build an elite organization, then here’s how hundreds of successful leaders and coaches have done it...

My new book The Greatest Motivational Tool is an engaging, heart-warming and easy-to-read “business fable” that shows you a road map to connecting with and leading people in our complex and changing world.

It’s concise, simple and to-the-point. (You can read it in a single sitting and start doing this today to make an immediate impact on your organization.)

More than just a tool, this book is a practical and universal guide to improving relationships.

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  • The single most powerful and greatest motivational tool I have ever encountered in my 30-year career! (Make this a staple of your work environment and a primary force in your team’s culture and you’ll create “miracles”...) [Chapter 8]
  • A simple script for handling one-on-one meetings… Never again will you be unsure about what to say to motivate an employee or player who is either struggling or acting distant. (Get this right and even your worst performers will dazzle you and transform into stars for your organization!)
  • How to avoid becoming a “transactional” leader that people aren’t inspired by [Chapter 3]
  • The secret to “opening up” communication with co-workers, administrators, players and family (If you have teenagers especially… you won’t want to skip this eye-opening section.) [Chapter 6]
  • How to avoid getting caught up in the noises of the week and losing the importance of being a relationship-driven leader who can hold others accountable – especially if your day planner is already over-booked
  • The Dale Carnegie 2.0 secret that helps you engage your team, make them want to be process-driven, and take so much ownership they’d walk over hot coals to get the task done [Chapter 3]
  • The common furniture mistake most executives make when setting up for a meeting [Chapter 5]
  • The secret used by history’s best 'turnaround CEOs' to face obstacles, negativity, tests, and times when it seems as if everything in the world is conspiring against you, with positive leadership that’s neither fake nor wishful
  • Profits up but so are resignations? Why a top-down approach no longer works in today’s world (and what does work according to thousands of recent case studies) [Chapter 3]
  • The simple “shift” (inspired by the work of Stephen Covey) that lets your team out-perform the competition, gel together like army recruits after basic training, and sends synergy through the roof [Chapter 3]
  • What one-on-one meetings do for your culture (You think you don’t have time for them but when you understand this strange fact you’ll wonder how you ever did business without them...) [Chapter 3]
  • How to not feel like you have to micro-manage while also not worrying about your team members “going rogue” and doing their own thing
  • [Chapter 4] The two elements every leader must have to…
Make sure your most talented people rarely, if ever, leave!
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In the 21st century, management is more about getting to know your people than being a taskmaster. With the insights inside this section you’ll know how to build relationships, develop your people, and make them feel cared about.

Is your management style stuck in the 20th century? Read Chapter 4 to find out!

Here are a few more secrets you’ll find in The Greatest Motivational Tool:

  • The three most important questions to ask in order to repair any shaky relationship (If there’s trouble brewing in your marriage…or with a family member…or with a key employee… sincerely asking these three questions can change everything!) [Chapter 6]
  • The truth about the traditional process of the once-a-year review (why it’s not only outdated, but it’s ineffective in producing greater performance results)
  • One word frequently used in business and team sports that you must never bring into any personal interaction with a player or staff member (unless you want them to feel like they don’t matter and you’re just crossing a “to-do” off your list)
  • The 3 P’s of running 1-on-1 meetings so your staff or players feel more connected to you, have greater clarity, and are inspired when they leave the room [Chapter 4]
  • The simple acronym to remember that will instantly transform all of your working relationships [Chapter 4]
  • The one thing your people MUST walk away with after every meeting (Fail to do this one easy thing and you’ll be inviting mediocrity into your company or team’s culture.) [Chapter 4]
  • 3 quick-start steps to draw the best out of your people [Chapter 3]
  • The #1 mistake leaders make when it comes to managing their people (Not only is this a mistake you may be currently making, but it’s a sure fire way to get your direct reports talking about how “lost” you are behind your back...) [Chapter 5]
  • Why you should never try to “fix” anything with your family, your employees, or your players if you want changes to stick and be reflected in their behavior (Do this instead.) [Chapter 6]
  • The simple “trick” (used by both Zen masters and elite athletes) to being fully engaged at work and fully engaged at home so you control the pace of life rather than let it control you – even if you’re stressed out, tired, or have more work than you can possibly handle!
  • The simplest and most effective way to connect with and lead people in a complex and changing world (My coaching clients are using this right now to create a “people first” culture that breeds trust, teamwork and excellence!)
  • The top two complaints from 21st century players and employees… why you can’t ever over-communicate your expectations… the optimum frequency for one-on-one meetings (both for employees and players)… the simple 3 x 5 note card that can eliminate all your employee or athlete problems… two things every single one of your team members wants… your #1 job as a leader (and why it’s not what you think) [Chapter 9]… the #1 killer of executives and coaches and how to train your team to help you avoid it…why real relationships are as vital as oxygen today [Chapter 3]… and more!
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"I absolutely love this book! Rod Olson does a masterful job of giving today’s leader practical tools… I believe reading this book will transform the way you lead."

-Jon Gordon

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What Others Are Saying About

The Greatest Motivational Tool

A must read for any leader, anyone who is in a position of making an impact on others. Rod shows us the vital importance of relationships and how the one on one helps build great teams and organizations.

-Jeff Banister, American League MLB 2015 Manager of the Year

The Greatest Motivational Tool is a great leadership teaching lesson with practical application woven throughout a heartfelt story. This is a book that should be shared with all leaders.

-Holly Crowder, CHRO Beck Group

Rod Olson's books continue to keep me equipped to motivate, encourage and build relationships personally and professionally. This book has charged me with the responsibility of finding new and different methods of leading and learning.

-Clint Hurdle, National League Manager of the Year MLB 2013

Coach O has done it again. With 5 simple steps, we learn how to build authentic relationships, both at work and at home.

-Jeff Webb, SVP Managing Director - Fidelity Investments

To really get the best of people, we have to be in an authentic relationship with those people based on trust and love. The Greatest Motivational Tool does a masterful job of giving us a road map to accomplish just that.

-Mark Schlereth, Fox Television and Radio Personality, and 3-Time Super Bowl Champion

I admire Rod Olson as a coach, leader, and family man. The Greatest Motivational Tool is a practical and universal guide to improving relationships with the people who matter most in our lives.

-Walt Perry, Managing Director - Charles Schwab

This is a must read for every leader, coach, and mentor!

-Phil Beckner, NBA/College Player Development Consultant

Relationships matter... so do priorities. Coach O continues to teach and coach today's leader on how anyone can get caught up with the noises of the week and lose perspective and the importance of being a relationship driven leader who can hold others accountable.

-Bob Parry, Leadership Consultant

The Greatest Motivational Tool provides a compelling way forward to enhance leadership development and elevate team performance. A great read with a direct payoff.

-David B. Storm, CEO - Providence Hospitality Partners

This is a great book about one of the simplest and most effective ways to connect with and motivate people. Rod does an exceptional job of illustrating and teaching us how we can become more effective communicators and leaders in a complex and changing world.

-Niko Medved, Head Basketball Coach - Colorado State University

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