Remember: You Can’t Give Away What You Don’t Possess Yourself.

Find inspiration and the tools every 21st century leader, coach and parent needs in this realistic and gripping story of a successful CEO named Lance Marshall, who has lost perspective and is now struggling to balance the demands of work, his three kids and his marriage. After another verbal fight with his wife and to keep his life from unraveling, he decides to heed his wife’s advice to reach out to the man who gave him the foundational principles that launched his path to success, Coach Moore, his high school football coach.

Back where Lance first found success, (Coach) re-acquaints him with the 5 Non-Negotiables or secrets to exceptional leadership. Coach Moore leads Lance on a challenging tour of teaching and self examination as he sends him to visit five former players who are now very successful leaders in their own right. As each principle is laid out to Lance during each visit, there is one catch… he must apply what he has learned within 24 hours or the visits are over.

Will Lance be able to apply what he’s learned to change his life, becoming a true Legacy Builder for the 21st century or will he succumb to the unrelenting life of being a results driven, bottom line leader?