Who’s Coaching Your Leaders?

Consulting for Business Leaders

Coach O will capture the attention of your organization and motivate your team leaders with a program that is specifically tailored to your group. A detailed analysis of your group’s needs and objectives conducted by Coach O prior to your event ensures he delivers a message that is relevant, practical and on target.

A 17-year college coaching veteran who has been a head coach at three universities, Rod is an expert in the field of coaching. He will teach your leaders how to coach their own teams to the next level of performance. He demonstrates how to capture the hearts of team members to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to maximize their performance.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • How to create a winning climate and coach your people to the next level

  • Go beyond goal setting to greatness…control the controllables

  • Leadership beyond management…start coaching your people to greatness!

  • Managing yourself while leading others