"I absolutely love this book! Rod Olson does a masterful job of giving today’s leader practical tools… I believe reading this book will transform the way you lead."

-Jon Gordon

What is it?

The Greatest Motivational Tool is a 21st Century Leadership Fable that reveals the one most effective strategy (often overlooked) that you can use to improve your team's culture and environment.

Who is it for?

This was written for today’s leaders to maximize their performance, both personally and professionally. Whether in business, sport, with your family, or life in general, this book provides the foundation to enhance communication and develop more meaningful relationships.

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What Others Are Saying About

The Greatest Motivational Tool

A must read for any leader, anyone who is in a position of making an impact on others. Rod shows us the vital importance of relationships and how the one on one helps build great teams and organizations.

-Jeff Banister, American League MLB 2015 Manager of the Year

The Greatest Motivational Tool is a great leadership teaching lesson with practical application woven throughout a heartfelt story. This is a book that should be shared with all leaders.

-Holly Crowder, CHRO Beck Group

Rod Olson's books continue to keep me equipped to motivate, encourage and build relationships personally and professionally. This book has charged me with the responsibility of finding new and different methods of leading and learning.

-Clint Hurdle, National League Manager of the Year MLB 2013

Coach O has done it again. With 5 simple steps, we learn how to build authentic relationships, both at work and at home.

-Jeff Webb, SVP Managing Director - Fidelity Investments

To really get the best of people, we have to be in an authentic relationship with those people based on trust and love. The Greatest Motivational Tool does a masterful job of giving us a road map to accomplish just that.

-Mark Schlereth, Fox Television and Radio Personality, and 3-Time Super Bowl Champion

I admire Rod Olson as a coach, leader, and family man. The Greatest Motivational Tool is a practical and universal guide to improving relationships with the people who matter most in our lives.

-Walt Perry, Managing Director - Charles Schwab

As a leader, your job is not to fix people.

It’s about helping your team make a change in their mindset and or behavior.

You can’t make someone change.

They must want to grow.

You aren’t a repairman.

You are a gardener.

Be a great question asker and if you listen well, your employees may teach or help you more than you help them.

My new book, The Greatest Motivational Tool, will help you to become a better gardener… a better question asker… and a better leader and developer of relationships.

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This 21st Century Leadership Fable will help you:

  • Clearly communicate what matters most
  • Develop deep, meaningful connections with those around you
  • Strengthen commitment among your team
  • Accomplish everything you need to in each meeting
  • Understand the most important needs and desires of team members
  • Be more intentional and strategic with your time and energy to better serve others
  • Learn the art and science of leading your people, both individually and collectively
  • The secrets of creating a hunger for ownership and accountability in the people you lead
  • How to increase employee engagement and make your people feel truly valued
  • and much more...


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This is a must read for every leader, coach, and mentor!

-Phil Beckner, NBA/College Player Development Consultant

Relationships matter... so do priorities. Coach O continues to teach and coach today's leader on how anyone can get caught up with the noises of the week and lose perspective and the importance of being a relationship driven leader who can hold others accountable.

-Bob Parry, Leadership Consultant

The Greatest Motivational Tool provides a compelling way forward to enhance leadership development and elevate team performance. A great read with a direct payoff.

-David B. Storm, CEO - Providence Hospitality Partners

This is a great book about one of the simplest and most effective ways to connect with and motivate people. Rod does an exceptional job of illustrating and teaching us how we can become more effective communicators and leaders in a complex and changing world.

-Niko Medved, Head Basketball Coach - Colorado State University

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